In order your silicone breasts serve you long time
you must follow the instructions:


1. The brestforms are made of high-quality silicone. It is very comfortable and stretched. But you must avoid wearing them during cold wheather and contacting with sharp objects.


2. We strongly don't reccomend you to use any make-up or nail polish remover in order to clean your silicone breast, because they could be made of with acetone or ciclometicones. For cleaning your silicone breast use soap and warm water. To remove stains use lotions with alcohol.


3. After cleaning use some transparent powder to cover the lustre.


4. Pay attention to the colour of your tonal cream or powder which you use for your silicone breаst to correct their color. Usually for that purpose you need to use a one-tone lighter tonal cream or powder then those you use for your skin. But always there are some exclusions. That is why we reccomend you to choose tonal cream and powder for your breasts carefully.


5. Caution: new and cheap clothes can dye the breast. Please wash your clothes before first wearing. Store them separately from colored clothes.

Please, follow these simple instructions and your silicone breast will serve you long time.