We ship orders worldwide.
Usually shipping time to Europe takes about 10-14 days,
North America – 12-15 days, Australia – 14-16 days, 
South America – 16-21 days

Shipping cost is fixed for all countries: 38 euro (42 dollars, 34 pounds)

We use EMS delivery service, which cooperates with the national postal services of almost all countries. This allows you to make a low cost of delivery. Our company does everything that is possible that you received your order as quickly as possible.


After we send your order, you will receive a receipt with the tracking number. 

Thank you!

Jeanne L. & BoobsShop Team

We ship products in discreet packaging. Simple box – no photo,
no logo. Description in the receipt for customs: carnival costume. You can be absolutely calm, no one will know what is inside!


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