Welcome to our store! 

Here you can order realistic silicone Breast forms and Hip pads 

Shipping cost is the same for all countries: 38 Euro (45$ / 33£)

How to order:

1. Select a right size of your future Breasts using our table of measurements.

2. Choose a color which matches your skin tone the best from the palette.
    Compare the color of your skin (for example, on your neck or chest) with the color of our palette.
    Or compare the color of your foundation with the palette.

3. Click on the item of the size you wish to order on BUY NOW page.

4. Pick the number of color on the page of the item you've chosen.

5. Add the item to the cart.

6. Click "Go to cart" on the pop-up window and then check out.


7. We will contact you by email within the day to confirm your order.

8. We'll also send you a final photo of your  Breasts before shipping, you to make sure the color of the item is good for you.